Florida Labor Market Update

MSCA and it’s member ResourceMFG have partnered up to provide you with an update on the Florida labor market.  The meeting will be chaired by senior executives of ResourceMFG  The focus will be on employment issues in the Covid-19 environment.

Resources covered in the webinar:

  • Labor Stats- Current unemployment information put out by the Bureau of Labor Statistics and the Department of Labor
  • Associate Perspective -Survey Responses
  • New Unemployment Insurance- CARES Act specific to Florida
  • Hiring and on-boarding new talent in the current conditions.
  • Impact of unemployment claims on Florida business and job market.
  • Retaining key employees and finding the right talent in today’s market.

MSCA is committed to growing the manufacturing industry in the our region and the State of Florida.  The webinars are made available to provide you with the most up to date information to assist you in your decision making for your business.

We may be competitors in business but we are collaborators for the success of the manufacturing industry….

Please use the LINK to register.