Preparing Your Business for the Post-crisis World Webinar Series: Webinar Three

Member Wendy Sellers has partnered with a panel of experts to bring a webinar series on preparing your business Post-crisis.  The experts include:

  1. Matt Rose, Tech Rage IT
  2. Alyse Quinn, Big Vision
  3. Dan King, Close Reach Consulting
  4. Wendy Sellers, The HR Lady
  5. Michael Aldrich, Sandler Training
  6. Alan Byrd, Alan Byrd & Associates
Topic 3:

Plan your Future and Tell the World

There are still unknowns, but now is the time to look up and out – to think about the future and the path to get there. Your vision can inspire you and your team, making today’s sacrifices and effort bearable. Dan and Alan will offer guidance on how to rethink the future while you confront today’s challenges.

Register here.