Webinar – Online Training: Strategies to Develop Employees During a Time of Uncertainty

FloridaMakes & MSCA recognize that your company is facing new challenges daily during the Covid-19 crisis and you are being asked to rethink, redesign, and reallocate resources. As you begin to implement your plans during this time, join us for this FREE webinar highlighting our partnership with Tooling U-SME. Their online courses may be an option for your employees that are being asked to work remotely or are taking time off to be home due to family needs.

Tooling U-SME works with organizations across the country educating employees in a multitude of manufacturing programs such as Machining, Industrial Maintenance/Mechatronics, Welding, Additive Manufacturing, Robotics, and more. Their online classes are utilized in thousands of manufacturing companies, aligned to industry certifications and are readily available.

The benefits of lifelong learning are plentiful. Upskilling translates to better productivity and innovation. By providing continuous training for employees, you also improve their loyalty by valuing their individual growth. This webinar will highlight the importance of upskilling and reviews online training technologies available to you through our partner at Tooling U-SME.

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Register here by April 6, 2020.