When I was younger, I knew that manufacturing was an option for me. I really wanted to become an engineer –– and I did! I’ve always been interested in how things work and how things are put together, which is what led me on the path I’m on today. I come from a family of farmers and manufacturing workers, and this gave me inspiration about manufacturing and solidified what I wanted for my career. As I started to progress in my field, barriers would pop up, such as being called “little lady” (a lot!). Something that helped me move beyond these sorts of obstacles was to ignore stereotypes and ill-informed people. Never let anyone undermine your capabilities.  The best way to prove someone wrong is to show them exactly what you’re capable of and let your results speak. I let my success be my noise! My advice to aspiring women who want a manufacturing career is to find a mentor; but most importantly, don’t give up and work hard every day in your chosen field. 
Angie Ruff serves as a Manufacturers & Supply Chain Alliance Board Member and is the President of Compass Blending. She holds a bachelor’s in engineering and accounting.

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