I had a challenge with my canning machine last week … the set screws became trapped into the shaft that allows me to adjust pressure with the base plate of my canning machine. This was quite a defeating blow as I had just got the canner back on line with some adjustments that needed to be made to the first & second seam chucks. As I stared at my base plate with the set screw flat and no longer adjustable by hand; I knew I needed help from a machine shop or another manufacturer that has a machine shop. 

Normally, I would send something like this off but had received recent communication from my regions Manufacturing association – MSCA and thought to myself; why not see if someone in the organization can help. With a quick email to chairman and fellow board member Larry Bull of Createch – I began to commence on my quest to receive the help I needed. Larry promptly responded to my problem and offered help of his staff and tools to see if they could be of assistance. 

Upon showing up to Createch, everyone was incredibly kind and helpful. I had a resolution in 20 minutes and was back online. Without my involvement with MSCA – I may have had even more downtime with my machine. Huge thank you to Larry, Charlie & the Createch team for saving the day!.